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Effectively managed by a professional team of IT experts, EPIC SOLVE is an IT solution provider and consulting company delivering innovative solutions for SMBs and Enterprises with a proven track record in Product Development, Technology Consulting, and IT Outsourcing. Our Experience Design, Complex Engineering, and Agile Delivery give you the best software product for better business outcomes

Our Mission

Deliver scalable digital products and software solutions to unlock the power of client-centric intelligent technology that reduces the time to market and reimagines cost takeout initiatives.

Our Value

Create business excellence by staying committed to core values of generating enterprise value and imbibing the spirit of innovation, forward-thinking, dependability, and integrity with the accountability to drive digital transformation forward.

Our Vision

Harness the power of digital for connecting clients, stakeholders, and talent to transform business outcomes and create an ecosystem that prioritizes sustainable innovation and culture to thrive in digital disruption.


Do you want to grow your business? Now is the time to do so with the right platform and best idea that can help you grow and thrive.

Custom Software Development

Our result-driven custom software development services include a multitude of services including Custom CRM, Custom ERP, Enterprise software development, Digital product development, SaaS development, Cloud-enabled development, Software consulting, and Custom software solutions.

Mobile & Web App Development

Deliver mobile apps and Web apps that are known for immersive experience to users. Harness web-to-mobile and enterprise mobility solutions for B2B, B2C and B2E. Expand the reach of your business with innovative mobile-first apps. Secure web application developments with real-time data, media and more.

Data & Analytics

EPIC SOLVE data analytics service helps businesses fully harness the power of data, both internal and external, structured and unstructured, regardless of where the data is, allowing the businesses to better understand customers, predict future business needs and react & influence external factors that are vital for the business.

Technology Consulting

Epic solve offers digital consulting services aimed at solving specific business challenges companies of different sizes and in different industries experience throughout the digital transformation of their services and processes. Our team of technology consulting experts from various fields will provide all the tools you need along with a detailed roadmap for shaping your boldest ideas into tangible business outcomes, increasing the profitability, efficiency, and market demand for your services.

QA & Testing

As an independent software testing company, SPEC INDIA offers sophisticated and exhaustive Software Testing services, with a committed, competent and proficient testing team, dedicated to persistently refining quality. Our primary focus is to ensure enhanced quality at each junction of the project, target almost zero Post Delivery Defects, and achieve utmost customer satisfaction with consistent analysis and even-handed assessment. We make certain that your software matches up to all your cited requirements and showcases the best of performance on a multitude of devices and platforms.

Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration services handle the entire lifecycle easily offering a comprehensive solution for getting your business to the cloud. We help you build a cloud migration strategy for moving your IT systems and application to Cloud at minimal cost so that you can reduce your capital expenses, minimize support and administrative cost, retain the performance

Our Clients

Upgrage your Team

Get the exact dedicated developers you need. You’ll be able to find the required level of experience, specific industry expertise, and the best-suited programming language for your project. Staffing your dedicated software development team with EPIC SOLVE means fulfilling your product roadmap with specialists who have years of experience delivering value for leading companies of all sizes across the globe.

Extended Team

Does your business need software engineers with a specific skill set for short-term tasks or perhaps a long-term technical partner with a trusted, experienced, and talented team? EPIC SOLVE Extended Team offers expertise on request, providing the skills you need for a successful digital outcome. An extended development team is not project-based and is not discontinued after the project ends. It is an ongoing cooperation between your core team and the extended team offshore offering the possibility to supplement your existing software project teams with our engineering talents. We can provide high-qualified experts in software development, DevOps, business analysis, mobile development, quality assurance, UX design, business intelligence, and cloud computing.

Dedicated Team

Planning a long-term partnership with more team engagement? Hire our Dedicated Team

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